If you listen to dissonant industrial music for long enough everything starts to sound like music and then one day you realise you’re just standing outside listening to the long slow song of the city itself. True story. I can hear ephemeral melodies in refrigerator hum and fan noise, kind of like the internal pulse you get listening to binaural beats.


This goes no way toward explaining why most of what I actually play is like some sort of folk or country music, mainly just me and a dobro or a mandolin.


I have plans to integrate these two trajectories into one very strange soundscape of junk percussion and field recordings out of which songs will emerge and fall away.

The Blazing World Revival Orchestra consists of the absurd Kay Orchison, the mighty Sarah Gall and whatever overeducated musical prodigies they have been able to round up at gunpoint on the night. They play the sort of Gothic country, industrial folk and heretical gospel that you will hear amidst the rubble on that last day when the Great Old Ones arise. They are usually presented as an opening act because Kay is too flammable to remember lyrics by about 9 pm and needs to be administered certain veterinary sedatives before midnight if eviscerations are to be avoided.


Approach with care, light blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance. Recordings are imminent.


In the meantime, here are some old recordings from the early 00s when I was first messing with home recording. Sour, dissonant, loose and overproduced in the way that you get when you’ve just discovered overdubbing. I will probably re-record most of these tracks eventually. These recordings were never going to be good enough for commercial release but I did home-press them up into a little EP that got handed around and apparently still gets airplay here and there.


The Sorry Flag EP

Rabbit Drive
On Every Mile
300 Horses
Everything is Always Ending
Doug’s Theme