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Raising Hexmas

You’re scaring me, Carol

300 horses

Collaboration with Nicole Cook from 2005. Released as under band name Antarctica Starts Here on the Sorry Flag EP, 2006. About roadside memorials and dead friends.

On Every Mile

One of my old bands, Antarctica Starts Here. Song from 1997. Mark, our drummer, my flatmate, had died and Jim and I tried to carry on but our hearts weren’t in it anymore.

Home from the sea

Basic demo playthrough. Recorded by Konrad Lenz.

Doug’s Theme

Instrumental. Written for a promo DVD on the printmaker Douglas Little.

The Dirty Mile

Dirty, messy, one-take demo. NFI if this is even the sound I want. Uncharacteristically rock of me. Nominally the band name is The Blazing World Revival Orchestra, which is me and whoever I can rope in, but this time I had like an hour and a half to record and upload so no time and no rope.