Floodland 1


Wolli Creek Station sits low into the valley below the studio. Around it a Legoland of high density low quality apartments is growing, fast. Too fast. Last week they tore a worker’s leg off with an excavator.


It was pouring with rain the morning the 2014 Marrickville Open Studio Trail opened. Salmagundi had been invited to take part again. I still hadn’t made any new work. Stuck behind a cement mixer near the station I started to think about where the water level around here would be in a decade or two, lapped the block, and pulled out my camera.


I comped in a floodline based on the tops of parked cars. I wondered what would become of the people who were paying half a million dollars to live in a place that can’t be protected from sea level rises. Meriton. Not built to last. Sometimes not even built on actual land.


Epson print on Hanemühle 300gsm etching paper. Edition of 1. 5″x7″. $50 framed.


AVAILABLE: contact me to order

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